Standard Employment Contract Fdw

As an experienced copy editor with an understanding of SEO, I understand the importance of creating informative and factually accurate content that resonates with the target audience. In this article, we will explore the standard employment contract for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Singapore.

What is an FDW?

An FDW is a foreign domestic worker who is employed to work in a household in Singapore. These individuals are typically from neighboring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

What is a Standard Employment Contract for FDWs?

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has created a Standard Employment Contract (SEC) for FDWs. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of employment and aims to protect both the employer and employee in a fair and legal manner.

What are the Key Points of the SEC?

The SEC includes a variety of terms and conditions that employers must adhere to when hiring an FDW. The following are some of the key points of the SEC:

1. Working Hours – The FDW shall not work for more than 12 hours per day and must be given at least 1 rest day per week. The employer and employee can mutually agree on the rest day, which must be given in full.

2. Salary – The employer must pay the FDW at least the minimum salary set by MOM. The salary must be paid in full and on time, directly to the FDW. Any deductions or advances must be clearly stated and agreed upon.

3. Accommodation – The employer must provide suitable accommodation that is clean, safe, and meets basic living standards.

4. Medical Benefits – The employer must provide medical and hospitalization benefits for the FDW. The employer must also ensure that the FDW is covered by insurance.

5. Termination – The SEC outlines the reasons for which the employer can terminate the employment of the FDW. The FDW can also terminate the contract under certain conditions.

Why is the SEC Important?

The SEC is important as it sets out clear guidelines for employers and FDWs. It ensures that both parties understand their rights and obligations and helps to reduce the possibility of disputes and misunderstandings.


In conclusion, the Standard Employment Contract for FDWs is an essential document for ensuring fair and legal employment practices in Singapore. Employers should familiarize themselves with the SEC and ensure that they comply with all the terms and conditions. By doing so, they can create a positive working relationship with their FDW and promote a harmonious living environment in their household.

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